Science Projects for 3rd Graders review

There are a number of fun science projects for 3rd graders to do at home and have a great time. In fact, science activities are among the most engaging projects that parents can occupy kids with. The following are some amazing science projects that kids can perform at home and that can help them develop an affinity for thee revered subject.

Mixing Water and Oil
Your kids may not know that water and oil just don’t get along well when they are mixed. Even though water usually can be mixed with a number of other liquids, it does not mix with water. In fact, water molecules are attracted to each other; the same happens with oil . Its molecules and can’t be mixed together. By testing this experiment, your kids will see that water and oil separate from one another and that the oil floats, because of its lower density.

Eruption with Mentos & Diet Coke

This is a fun project and it will sure amaze your erd graders. When your kids add mentos in a diet coke they will have the chance to see lots of bubbles. Soda drinks, like Diet Coke, contain carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide is only released when you open it, which means that a lot of gas just waits to escape the liquid. By dropping Menots into the Diet Coke just speeds up the process of allowing bubbles to be formed on the surface area of the Mentos. Moreover, Mentos pieces are all covered in tiny dimples, which increases a great deal the area on the surface and allows big bubbles to be formed.

Make a Robot
Kids can really get very creative and have great fun by making a robot, by using a wide variety of ideas. Third graders can really enjoy this project, by using a wide variety of items that they can find in home. In fact, they can build their own robots with some great features that are only limited to what their imagination can come up with. For example, they can start off with some coardboard boxes that are unused and go on from there. The children can tape or glue the boxes together, in order to form the general shape of their robot. Then they can continue by attaching other items to them to complete their amazing project.

Create a Microscope

They can make a simple microspcope by using a plastic bottle and a plane mirror. Simple microscope is the practical application of the refraction of light through a drop of water. Water acts as a convex lens, that can converge all the light together. It makes the light rays to meet at a point after they passes through the drop of water.


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