Fun and Easy Science Fair Projects Kids Can Do.

Science fair projects for kids may do to be fun and also easy. In this, one of ours science fair project kids can do, we are running to have a look at water and also water evaporating and also condensing. The kids shall be able to see something happens in every step even though they will have to exercise a little patience as everything takes a little during to happen.

These two science fair projects for kids shall teach kids real good basics to let them know why they have to make their bid for the creation and assist slow down global warming by considering for our plant life.


Here is the first one:

Automatic irrigation:

What you will need for this experiment:

* A large rectangle flower box with a few plants growing in it
* A bottle
* Water

What you have to do:

1. Fill the bottle with water
2. Push it, upside down, into the soil in the flower box
3. You will notice an air bubble rising in the bottle as the plants use the water.
4. The water in the bottle will only keep on running into the soil until the soil is completely whetted.
5. Only once the plants have used some more water in the soil and air can escape through the dry soil into the bottle
6. How long the water will last will depends on the weather, how hot it is, how humid it is etc.
7. Now repeat this experiment, but first loosen the soil around the plants a little, being careful not to damage or expose the roots.
8. You will notice that the loosened soil absorbs the water easier.
9. Can you think why?
10. Now explain what you have done and what the conclusion is concerning water and air.
11. You have to explain why the water stops seeping into the soil once it is completely wet and why it starts again once the plants have used some of the water and some of the water in soil have evaporated into the air.

Now for the second of our science fair projects kids can do:

Rain in a flask:

Here we are going to show that water evaporates through small pores in leaves.

What you will need for this experiment:

* A green leaf
* A glass filled with water
* Oil
* A glass flask big enough to fit over the glass of water with the leaf in it

What you have to do:

1. Place the leaf in the glass with water
2. Throw a thin layer of oil on the water
3. Cover the glass and leaf with your glass flask
4. Wait a little while and observe what starts to happen
5. Why does it happen?
6. Why did you throw a thin layer of oil on the water in the glass?
7. Why does it take a little while before the moisture start condensing on the walls of the glass flask?
8. Do the heat from the sun and the cold wall of the flask play any role in the process of the water condensing on the glass walls of the flask?

Now with the results of both experiments, you can reach a conclusion as far as heat from the sun, air and water are concerned:

* How does everything tie together?
* What did you prove with these two experiments?
* What does it teach us about what plants need to survive?
* What does it teach us about the role of the sun, air and water in nature?
* Can you draw any conclusions concerning this as far as the cutting of the rain forests and how serious it can be for earth?
* Do you think we can already experience some of the negative effects on our climate?
* Can you think of another role trees play in the well-being of our planet?

As you can see these two simple science fair science fair projects for kids kids can do opens a wide field of study they may get interested in because of what they have found here. I think this makes the purpose of science fair projects kids can do very clear! We have to get them excited enough to do their part against global warming; they are the future of our beautiful planet.

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